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Domain Name Registration

You can either order a new domain name or transfer your existing domain to our server.
In either case your name will be register with our system for a period of one year.

Alternately you may use your existing domain name and host it on our server only by Updating its DNS / Name Server information topoint to our servers. In that case we wont charge you anything for name registration.

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Host your Existing Domain Name with us. (No charges for registration) 
Requires updating DNS entry of your domain name. You may host domain names registered with any registrar, including country domains. You need to update the DNS / Name Server entry of your domain name at your registrar company.)
Order a New Domain Name for registration.
Transfer Your Existing Domain Name to us for hosting. With one year registration. Please note, there is a 60-day transfer hold - which means you have to wait two months from the initial registration before you can transfer your domain.)

The administrative contact will receive an email to confirm the transfer. Please note, if the domains admin contact's email address is outdated, the current admin  will not be able to receive the email, and there can be no confirmation, and thus, no transfer. You must update your admin contact's email address with your current registrar first.)

Free Domain Hosting

With every domain name registration you can get limited amount of free web hosting annually. With limited amount of website setup help. So you can setup a website like (yourname.com)

Website Development

Our complete website package includes a beautiful website development. One year of web hosting. Domain name registration of your choice. (ie. yourname.com).

WordPress Website

We develop and mainten WordPress Websits for anyone hosting with us by a professional web developer. Beautiful, Responsive, mobile, tablet & all devices friendly website. Some of our hosting packages include free development!

OpenCart Store

We develop and mainten OpenCart Stores for online selling for anyone interested in e-commerce. Beautiful, Responsive, mobile, tablet & all devices friendly e-store website.